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Taxation Without Representation Lead To American Revolution

Uploaded by JayJay on Dec 26, 2004

Taxation Without Representation Leads To The American Revolution

The Catalyst of taxation without representation was the Stamp Act of 1765. The Stamp Act Required all legal documents, licenses, commercial contracts, newspapers, pamphlets, and playing cards to carry a tax stamp. The Stamp act enabled England to fund their adventures around the world. In Opposition to the Stamp act the Colonists created the Stamp Act Congress which assembled nine delegates from nine of the thirteen colonies. The congress expressed the opposition of the stamp act in three documents: a Declaration of Rights and Grievances, an address to the king, and a group of petition to both houses of the parliament. They also expressed that they should be taxed because they don?t have representation in the houses of parliament. So the stamp act was repealed in 1766, Largely as a result of pressures that the English businessmen were giving the government to repel that stamp acts. (Comptons Encyclopedia, R-183, S-557, U-156, America, P.134-143, Colonial America, P. 280-283, The Light and the Glory, P.263-265, Revolutionary America, P.21-55, United States History, Heritage of Freedom, P.88-90, the American Covenant, P.114, Microsoft Encarta, Western Civilization P.628)

Townshend acts of 1767imposed duties on glass, lead, paper, and so forth. The attitude in American was getting ugly and kept

Getting uglier because the American where opposed to new taxes. During the stamp act congress the Americans made it clear

That they were opposed to any new taxes that simply put in use for the sole purpose of adding more revenue to England. When they enacted the Townshend acts they were going against all that the colonists had requested them not to do that was why the attitude in America was so ugly. They commissioners of the Townshend Acts where afraid that Physical harm may come to them so they requested troops to watch out for them. (Comptons Encyclopedia, U-156, America, P.139-143, Colonial America, P.283-284, The Light and the Glory,

P.263, 266, Revolutionary America, P.79-80, United States History, Heritage of Freedom, P.90-91, The American Covenant, P.114, Microsoft Encarta Western Civilization P.628)

When England decided not respond to the outcry of the Colonists. The colonists resorted to boycott any good imported from England. In many cities Violence broke out. As a result, the British ordered General Thomas Gage to transfer a large force of troops to Boston where the violence had been the worst. From the time the troops had arrived...

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Uploaded by:   JayJay

Date:   12/26/2004

Category:   Revolutionary War

Length:   12 pages (2,589 words)

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Taxation Without Representation Lead To American Revolution

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