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Telecommuting Working from Home

Uploaded by jimih4evr on Oct 31, 2011

According to Mogelonsky (1995), “Techno-gurus say that telecommuting - riding the information highway instead of the paved one - is the way of the future” (p. 15). Approximately nine million Americans telecommuted from home in 1994. Millions more telecommuted from virtual offices and telework centers; another million were expected to join their ranks by the end of 1995. Clearly, a vast number of workers and employers are making telecommuting work for the employees, employers, and society as a whole.
Many people of both sexes who have chosen to leave traditional corporate environments have established home offices. Sharell (1995) has noted that working from home has become increasingly popular for women. This would imply that women are gaining a sense of empowerment over their jobs and personal lives, but is this true or has telecommuting been unfair to women? Is this simply another case of exploitation, perpetuating the view that “the woman’s place is in the home,” which has been established and maintained by a male-dominated society through a totalitarianism ethic that has discovered a means of dominating women from within and excluding them from economic success through the use of the apparatus of coercion? Is this a way to ensure that women retain their housewife and childcare status, while at the same time remain corporate employees at lower levels of service? The purpose of this paper is support these views through a review of appropriate research studies and investigative reports.
It is first important to note that no clear and definitive studies were found that provided empirical evidence of the percentage of males and females who telecommute, complete with a gender breakdown of different job opportunities and areas of service. Such research would provide support to the belief that significantly more women in service-oriented and sales jobs telecommute as compared to men. It would also support the contention that women are being excluded from the more lucrative jobs, more-or-less maintaining their “clerical,” “sales,” and “secretarial” status. Most studies that were found focused on the reasons why people telecommute, the barriers that exist at the corporate management level and translate in terms of attitudes and myths, and tips on how to successfully make a life while making a living or working smarter...

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Uploaded by:   jimih4evr

Date:   10/31/2011

Category:   Technology

Length:   6 pages (1,421 words)

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Telecommuting Working from Home

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