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Television’s Influence on Children

Uploaded by coolzie on Oct 26, 2011

This paper discusses the influence of TV on children, and how it influences their behavior. It also mentions what parents can do to mitigate this influence. (6 pages; 4 sources; APA citation style)

I Introduction

Many studies have shown that television has a negative impact on children and young people. It also appears that parents experience stress when they try to limit children’s television viewing. This paper will explore both of these issues from a psychological viewpoint; in particular it explores behavioral aspects of the issue.

II Discussion

Television is an extremely influential medium, and it shapes the attitudes of children towards many different matters, including sex, violence, eating, spending, and relationships, among others. It can become a sort of distorting prism through which they view the world, expecting that incidents in real life will “play out” the same way they do on the screen. I’d like to explore what sort of psychological effect this immersion in television has on children with regard to behavior. First, let’s look at just how much violence children see on television.
In a study in 1999, Strasburger says that children average 16 to 17 hours of television viewing weekly; when time spent playing video games and watching prerecorded material is added, the total spent in front of the screen can be as much as 35-55 hours per week. (PG). Not only does this mean that television has a substantial impact on the attitudes and beliefs of youngsters, it also means that they spend less time playing and getting physical exercise; less time interacting with others in the ‘real world’; and less time reading.
During these hours that they spend in front of the set, youngsters are exposed to 10,000 violent acts per year. (Strasburger, 1999, PG). The most violent acts of all are those found in programs aimed directly at children: “Most recently, the National Television Violence Study examined nearly 10,000 hours of television programming throughout 3 years and found that 61% contains violence, with children's programming being the most violent.” (Strasburger, 1999, PG). (Although Strasburger doesn’t indicate what type of programs these are, they musts surely include cartoons, which are notoriously violent, as well as life-action shows, such as the “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.”) But does the violence they see on screen lead children to commit violent acts. Apparently, the answer is yes.
“The research...

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Uploaded by:   coolzie

Date:   10/26/2011

Category:   Social Sciences

Length:   6 pages (1,317 words)

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Television’s Influence on Children

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