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The American Misconception Of Islam

Uploaded by surfchick on Feb 21, 2005

The American Misconception Of Islam

On September 11, thousands of innocent civilians became casualties of an unspeakable act of terror. As the day progressed, the events took most Americans on an emotional rollercoaster that brought dismay, fear, sadness, pride, anger and vengeance.

This despicable act left fingers pointing to radical Muslim terrorist groups. Consequently, Muslims and/or of Arabic ethnicity, have become victims of hate and discrimination here in the United States. Examples include an Arabic gas station attendant in Indiana, who ducked behind a counter as bullets flew at him by a masked gunman; In San Francisco, a mosque was splattered with pig's blood. Women in Washington DC have had their head scarves snatched while walking down the street. Sadly, Arab-Americans will have to face the scrutiny of increased suspicion from the law enforcement, even though they promised them protection from intolerant persecution.

The Internet and talk radio have become anonymous ways people are spreading their messages of hate towards Arabic ethnicity. Ironically, it would seem the television news media has played a role to spark anger in Americans by, for example, showing footage of Arabs celebrating the attack in America.

Islam is a religion that promises peace, harmony and justice for those who do the word of God (Allah). There are many similarities between Islam and other religions such as Christianity and Judaism, which for example, recognize Moses and Abraham as prophets of God.

Islam is divided up into many different denominations and sects like Christianity. All Muslims do hold to fundamental religious practices such as fasting, the pilgrimage to the holy shrine of Mecca, and daily prayer 5 times a day.

Many Muslims generally have a negative view of the United States because of our lack of religious morals and our secular lifestyle. Even if the America established itself as a Christian nation, it would be more highly respected among Muslims.

Muslims believe that the moral decay of the western civilization is bad for Islam, and refer to the Quran's stories of jihad, or "holy war". The word has various meanings, including the fight to control one's conscience, convert unbelievers and improve morals in society.

In addition, Muslims believe martyrs go directly to heaven. More recently, the martyrdom belief had expanded to include volunteer suicide in battle, as demonstrated in Iran, when thousands of young Iranian soldiers volunteered to sweep Iraqi...

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Uploaded by:   surfchick

Date:   02/21/2005

Category:   Discrimination

Length:   2 pages (553 words)

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The American Misconception Of Islam

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