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The Boston Massacre – A Massacre or a Terrible Tragedy?

Uploaded by CaseyP on Apr 15, 2017

Background information:
1. All these replies i’m posting are editorals made by other students regarding the same event (the Boston mascare)
2. What needs to be done is, reply to these posts by students(which i’ll post) as if you’re still an editor, and bring out points you agree & disagree with.
3. Comments such as “You have a good point,” “I like what you said,” or “I agree (or disagree) with you” are not adequate replies. “Letters to the Editor” must show some analytical thought and encourage more dialogue. Ask questions, give a different point of view, bring up another aspect of the topic your classmates did not cover, and so on.
4. Total of 5 replies, 200 words EACH.
5. 1 reference for EACH reply, so 5 references depending on wheter the point the other student made is being agreed with or disagreed with.
8 days ago
Robert Tate (FIRST REPLY)
RE: Topic 4: The Boston Massacre – A Massacre or a Terrible Tragedy?
On March 5th, Monday evening, on the streets of Boston, there was a terrible tragedy. This tragedy happens at the hands of the British soldiers illegally quartered at the State house. The soldiers quartered at the State house were given permission to be on those premises by Governor Bernard. Again, this is not a legal practice and is contrary to the Magna-Carta, contrary to the Bill of Rights where it says keeping a standing army within the kingdom during peace time is against the law (The Anonymous account of the Boston Massacre March 5 1770 article). It is obvious after hearing the accounts by multiple people involved that the soldiers were intent upon making problems with the people of Boston for no apparent reason. According to sources from the street, several of the soldiers were in the streets of Boston causing problems with locals and injuring some of them when they decided to pick a fight at the local rope-walk. After the soldiers were bested several times by the locals and good number of soldiers had massed, they went about the streets abusing other locals indiscriminately (The Anonymous account of the Boston Massacre March 5 1770 article).
It is then said, after the soldiers, had been abusing locals, they ended up in the street armed and confronting those locals. An altercation then ensued where the soldiers opened fire on the locals and eleven people were either killed or injured....

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   04/15/2017

Category:   Historical

Length:   16 pages (3,576 words)

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The Boston Massacre – A Massacre or a Terrible Tragedy?

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