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The Guy Next Door

Uploaded by Gotskillz on Jul 04, 2004

I’ve watched them from the shadows, and even followed them. I’ve even seen them at their most private, but they still have no clue, that I exist. But I do. I work right next to them and still don’t they don’t recognize me. We’re neighbors living on the same street, but they just pass me by witout saying a word. They go on about their meaningless life, as if nothing could harm them. They laugh at others to make their hollow existence a little easy to accept. They huddle together in their local bars and clubs, drinking until they fall down just trying to buy a little time from reality. They mean nothing to me, they are cattle to be slaughter. Little do they realize, that the fire of rage dwells within and the hate, which I have for them eats at me, but still they take no notice of me. When challenged, I show them only my weak side to bait them, but some of them have this erroneous idea that they mean something to me, well they don’t. One day, I will take matters into my own hands and I will show them just how much I feel about them. Nothing, that’s what they mean to me, absolute nothing. I feel more for animals then I do for them.

I have gone my entire life in fear, fear that one day my nightmares would spill over into my waking hours. I fear, that my sanity is starting to slip, little by little until one day, I’ll be nothing more than a wild animal, who needs to be put down. So, I fight everyday to retain control of myself, because if not, I would pick up something and kill the closeness thing to me. Everyday, the rage in me boils until my face turns red and a single tear runs down my face. At that moment, I have to leave or I will rip someone’s throat out. I was not born this way, but just like a animal, if you’re kicked and beaten enough, you’ll will turn on them. Then the idiots say, “ he can’t be control, so we will have to put him to sleep.” In their stupid minds, the animal is at fault and not them. They’re the ones, who needs to be put down, they’re the ones, who needs a bullet in the head and...

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Uploaded by:   Gotskillz

Date:   07/04/2004

Category:   Personal

Length:   4 pages (875 words)

Views:   5651

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