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The Holocaust and its Affects on the Jewish People

The Holocaust had long lasting affects on Jewish people. There are many types of horrible mistreatment that the Jewish people went through.

Hitler's rise to power in 1933 he began persecuting the Jews so bad that businesses were boycotted and vandalized by Nazi supporters. By the year 1939 the Jews were not even regarded as a people they could not attend public schools , their rights to own land had been taken away and one of the most terrible they were not allowed to socialize with non Jewish people thus making them not able to go to public events , parks or museums. After deciding on quarantine to they established "ghettos " where they could keep them away from the general public thus making sure none of their cries for help were heard by any non Nazi followers. The treatment of the Jews would only worsen as the war became longer and the hatred towards these innocent people became more enraged. A people who were used as a "scapegoat" to make the German people angry and ready to fight against anyone that stood in there way of being the one largest power on the entire globe. All this was said to the people under deep depression where they would grasp onto any type of power they could after being mistreated by the Allies after the conclusion of World War 1. Hitler manipulated the minds of the weak and hopeless. He just took advantage of the very poor and why wouldn't they listen if they were in the worst conditions that Germany had ever experienced. Hitler also had the power of a great speaker getting the public behind him actually believing that the Jewish were taking their business and causing their economical crisis.

Later on during the war Hitler introduced the idea of using "concentration camps". With these camps he could now round up Jewish ghettos and torture , overwork , remove and execute huge amounts of the Jewish population. There were 3 main camps ; Dachau , Treblinka and Auschwitz. The most important man in these executions and experiments was Mengele. In Dachau was where most of these strange and horrible experiments were carried out. Some of the experiments consisted of putting Jews in freezing cold water until death or putting them into air tight rooms timing until the time of suffocation. Auschwitz was the most horrific camp...

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The Holocaust and its Affects on the Jewish People

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