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The Impact of Water Pollution on Public Health in Flint, Michigan

Uploaded by CaseyP on Nov 08, 2016

The Impact of Water Pollution on Public Health in Flint, Michigan
Water pollution is considered to be any chemicals, biological or physical that changes the quality of water and has dangerous impacts on any living thing that utilizes it. This research paper discusses the effects of water pollution on public health in Flint, Michigan that have a significant effect on health, economy, social and public health. When human being drinks the polluted water, it habitually contains serious effects on the health and elevated blood lead levels in diverse children (Bamberger, & Oswald, 2012). The water pollution in Michigan and especially in the major city of Flint is considered to be very high that contain a variety of impacts on the economy, health, social and public health. The main issue or problem that this particular topic presents in the United States of America Health Care System is the aspect of water pollution which has been the main problem in the state. The implications that the water pollution has resulted in a high cost of water pollution because of environmental protection and improvement measures. The study research aims to portray the impacts of water pollution on the economy, health, a social and public health of Flint, Michigan.
Impacts of water pollution
In Flint Michigan, the issue of water pollution is increasing at an alarming rate since the majority of the state population lives in rural areas. Most of them have no access to good clean water availability since the unique increase in the state’s population has brought exceptional pressure on the aspect of clean water. Residues of diverse firms have a harmful effect on human beings very much. For instance, Förstner, & Wittmann (2012) reported that the residues of companies and their degrading products in human milk in the city of Flint since it affect pregnant women. In this particular way, water pollution produces negative impacts for the nourishment of children. Förstner, & Wittmann (2012) further argues that the aspect of water pollution is now the single threat to human health, global environmental impact since this problem has been affecting the whole population. In addition to the natural water scarcity, chemicals and physical contamination of water sources which is a greater problem that has contributed to the aspect of water pollution. The implications that the aspect of water pollution has resulted involves potent neurotoxins and infancy lead poisoning that has an effect...

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   11/08/2016

Category:   Other Topics

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The Impact of Water Pollution on Public Health in Flint, Michigan

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