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The Madeleine Theory

Uploaded by CaseyP on May 05, 2017

The Madeleine Theory
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The theory of culture care diversity and university propagated by Madeleine Leininger is my suitable choice basing on this week’s reading. Leininger, just like other researchers and scholars, had a keen interest in developing knowledge in the nursing profession as well as delivering workable concepts and ideologies to improve healthcare. This paper purposes to state this theory, identify its goals, purpose and how it can be used in nursing practice.
The theory of culture care diversity and universality states that the provision of care should be done in a holistic and compressive care which cuts across the divergent cultural contexts of the patients (Masters, 2014). Culture in its entirety encompasses the social structure, language, the prevailing professional care, environment, and ethnohistory. Leininger argued that a holistic and comprehensive care could only be achievable if the caregivers discovered all these cultural factors (Masters, 2014). She further revealed that the transcultural nursing focuses on care provision comparative of the divergent values, practices, and beliefs of persons or groups.
The purpose of Leininger’s theory is to deliver culture-based care to patients. It also aims to offer that care specifically and universally, so that both patients and their relations can get a cultural meaning to the outcomes of the services offered by the nurse (Masters, 2014). Leininger reiterates that prioritizing culture in care is the only way to give a wholesome healing and care to patients. Lastly, when nurses treat patients variably, with unique characteristics as a person; and draws similar nature of people, a competent service is assured.
I believe Leininger’s theory is applicable in today’s medical settings where there is continuous patient population diversity. Secondly, nurses use it in the overall planning phase of care, where there is a negotiation with the patient on the kind of care that is important before its implementation. Here, the wishes and desires on the patient side are considered and respected in the implementation of care. This ensures a congruent and competent care based on the patient’s culture (Master K., 2014).

Masters, K. (2014). Nursing Theories. Sudbury: Jones & Bartlett Learning, LLC, Retrieved from, Accessed on Thursday 27, 2017

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   05/05/2017

Category:   Sociology

Length:   2 pages (358 words)

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The Madeleine Theory

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