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The Many Uses of Vinegar Cleaning, Health & Beauty

Uploaded by carmcca28 on Mar 30, 2006

The Many Uses of Vinegar

General Purpose: To Inform
Specific Purpose: My audience will learn about vinegar, and the many different ways that they can use vinegar to clean their homes, promote their health, and enhance their beauty.
Central Idea: Vinegar is a cheap, effective alternative to cleaning your home, promoting health, and enhancing beauty.

I. Ladies and Gentleman, what if I told you that that what I have in this tiny little cup, has been used to clean homes, promote health, and enhance beauty for over 10,000 years. In addition, what if I also told you that it only cost 99 cents, and is used in one out of every three homes across America. However, most people think it only serves one purpose. Well, I am about to prove you just how powerful this stuff really is.
II. Today, I would like to talk to you about vinegar, and the ways your life can benefit from its use.
III. I will tell you what it cleans, what it cures, and what it prevents.
IV. Now many of you may already use vinegar in your home, though you may have not yet realized that it is more effective than what it appears to be. I have done a substantial amount of research on the benefits of vinegar, and found that I personally cannot live without this cheap little miracle.
V. According to Melanie Moore, author of the complete idiots guide to household solutions,” “vinegar can be used for many things, and is more powerful than any cleaning product out there on the market.”

(Transition: So, first let us talk about what vinegar can clean.)

I. “According to the book, Health, Home, Beauty, and Beyond,” “Vinegar can clean almost anything inside and outside of your home.”
A. It is very effective when it comes to bringing out stains on
1. Carpet, whether it be pet stains, or food stains.
2. It can be used in the dishwasher to cleanse the dishes better, as well as
to wipe away any hard water spots.
3. It can be used as a laundry aid to remove stains, brighten clothes, keep
them from fading, to set dyes, and rinse clothes cleaner and more
thoroughly. (The smell does not stay in the clothes.)
4. It cleans ovens and microwaves free of grease and grime
5. It removes soap scum from showers, tiles, and faucets
6. And it cleans floors, countertops, cabinets, walls, and other hard surfaces.
B. Vinegar also disinfects
1. Trashcans, bathrooms, kitchens, pet areas, doorknobs, countertops and laundry...

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Uploaded by:   carmcca28

Date:   03/30/2006

Category:   Speeches

Length:   4 pages (832 words)

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The Many Uses of Vinegar Cleaning, Health & Beauty

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