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The Meaning of Christmas

Uploaded by usash_8624 on Sep 29, 2013

The Meaning of Christmas

For many, Christmas is a holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. This festivity is extended throughout the winter season and immediately following the twenty-fourth day of December. Communities around the world unite with one another to rejoice the birth of their “Savior.” Many religious individuals attend church to commemorate their “King” spiritually, while others may join their families at home for a special gathering. However, growing up in a Jewish family I experienced the Christmas holiday quit differently.

I still remember when I was a young girl, staying up the Eve before Christmas to wait for old Saint Nicholas to slide down my chimney and deliver presents under my pine tree. Before going to sleep my older sister and I would leave Oreo cookies in the center of the old wooden table in hopes that we would hear Santa munching away in the midst of the night. Of course we never did. Yet the following morning while we were opening our gifts on the living room carpet, we would tell one another how we heard old St. Nick chomping away on the delicious treats. My mother would just laugh as he handed us our Matzo Brai, a traditional Jewish breakfast, which we often ate on special occasions.

As I matured, the meaning of Christmas evolved from the Americanized childhood fantasy to the act of giving. Every year my mother and I would shop for gifts to send our family and friends due to the jolly “Christmas spirit.” During a traditional holiday party that we attended every year, we exchanged presents with one another while humming along to Christmas melodies. Platters of food were passed down the dining table, and those who rejoiced for a religious purpose said their prayers.

However, Christmas to me is not necessarily about the religious aspect that it derived from, but the merry celebration one may experience. As a result of this festivity, people display their affection openly towards one another. Whether attending a holiday party or gathering with family, people celebrate together. Though I am Jewish, I choose to participate in this festive spirit because I am a believer in the kindness of giving.

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Uploaded by:   usash_8624

Date:   09/29/2013

Category:   Reflection

Length:   2 pages (360 words)

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The Meaning of Christmas

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