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The Power of Drugs and their Influence on a Weak Country

The Power of Drugs and their Influence on a Weak Country

“ The international drug trade poisons people, breeds violence, tears at the moral fabric or our society. We must intensify action against the cartels and the destruction of drug crops. And we, in consumer nations like the United States must decrease demand for drugs”.

(Bill Clinton address to the United Nations general assembly on the occasion of the UN’s 50th anniversary/ Oct 1995)

The traffic of drugs is a very complex subject which some of us do not understand. In order for us to understand this business and why and how Colombia became the world’s most famous country known for the empire created around the drug trading industry; we must look back at the origins of drug trafficking to understand how it grew in a poor country and a corrupt society in which money controlled almost everything and everyone. Those on whom money had no effect were probably killed. It was the socio-economic conditions of the country, the poverty and the desire for easy-money which turned Colombia into an excellent location for the narco industry to develop and rule. The purpose of this report is no other than to analyze how? and specially why? Colombia was drowned into the narco world and how the drug lords almost ruled the country. We must look at Colombian history to understand what the country was going through and how the illegal business evolved in a country in which money became the most important thing.

This report will try to prove that it was the conditions- both social and economic- of Colombia such as poverty due to unemployment and inflation and social inequalities; which led to the appearance and flourishing of drug traffic. I’ve used as sources two books about the subject, a review by a university professor, articles from magazines and information found on the internet. Throughout the report quotations from a recent interview with Jorge Ochoa, who is a former member of the Medellin cartel, who quit the business after 5 years in jail, will be used.

Despite the fact that since ancient times cocaine and marijuana had been grown on Colombian soil, its use was limited to Indian communities, small marginal groups and certain hand-crafting jobs such as wood-work. When peace organizations entered the nation with clear ideological orientations with the objective of deviating the youth from the ideas of the...

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The Power of Drugs and their Influence on a Weak Country

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