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The True Importance of Christopher Columbus

Uploaded by kimtoa on Jan 21, 2008

Columbus is considered by most Americans to be the courageous man who discovered the new world and the man who would transverse so much difficulty to do what he holds dearest to his heart, discover! Now that I'm done with the cute version of the lies that most children must be taught in order to become an active person in society, I'll tell you the truth about what that man that we hold so dear was really doing on those Islands of the New World! This essay will touch upon the wonderfully perverse tragedies that Columbus and his men visited upon the natives of the Indies, of these topics are the cruel hunting parties, the children that were prostituted to satisfy the Spaniards, and finally it will talk about the other malicious and immoral activities of other "more advanced" European societies.

As the fact that there was not too much to do on an Island in the middle of an Ocean, hunting soon became popular. Now I wouldn't see this as a major indiscretion, except for when Columbus’s men took to hunting, it was not the simple creatures of Islands he and his dogs chased down. When his men took to the rifle for entertainment it was when they loosed their dogs, as vicious and bloodthirsty as the men who held their leashes, on the men, women, and children of this peaceful Island. To quote an passage from the packet from the book Lies My Teacher Told Me, "The soldiers mowed down dozens of with point-blank volleys, loosed the dogs to rip open limbs and bellies, chased fleeing Indians into the bush to skewer them on sword and pike, and 'with God's aid soon gained a complete victory, killing many Indians and capturing others who were also killed'" (Loewen 61-2).

.Previously it was mentioned that the Spaniards prostituted small girls of the ages, as Columbus said "...those from nine to ten are now in demand" (Loewen 65). Well this wasn't exactly the case, they did not prostitute the children, but they flat out raped them. Apparently as soon as the expedition in 1493 got to the Caribbean, before it even reached Haiti, Columbus was rewarding his lieutenants with native women to rape. It seems that a sex slave was just another perk that one of Columbus's men enjoyed on the Haitian Islands. Of course we all know the new and unknown disease...

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Uploaded by:   kimtoa

Date:   01/21/2008

Category:   History

Length:   3 pages (653 words)

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The True Importance of Christopher Columbus

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