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The Ultimate Sugar Daddy Part 1

Uploaded by Gotskillz on Jun 19, 2004

Way back, way way back, during once upon a time time their lived a boy who lived in a regular house, went to a regular school, and came home to regular friends and family. He lived the life of an ordinary boy; however, he was much more. He had the strength of a hundred men, could fly as swift as an eagle, had wits like Einstein, could move at the speed of lightning, he also was unbelievably skilled at basketball, and not to mention he had strikingly good looks. His name during the day was Dean, but, when crime struck he was known as Super Dean. He was the biggest crime Buster on the streets of San Diego. He stopped much more crime than the combined forces of the N.Y.P.D, L.A.P.D., and even Scruff McGruff the crime fighting dog. One day at school nothing was out of the ordinary, Dean was answering all the questions in class, breaking ankles on the basketball courts, and taking lunch money from teachers when suddenly a kid with a gun opened fire. Everyone panicked and hid in closets and under tables, even the five police officers on duty ran and hid in the cafeteria. Everyone panicked that is, except for brave handsome Dean. Instantly Dean mystically transformed into Super Dean. He was wearing tights, so of course all his muscle bulged out like an ox. The kid shot a bullet at Super Dean, but, he caught it with his bare hands. Next the kid shot another one, this time Super Dean caught it with his teeth. Super Dean grabbed the gun and smashed it against his knee,
“I’m warning you, give up and I will go easy on you…”
The kid felt remorseful for what he did,
“Okay, I just got angry because everyone always make’s fun of me. I’m sorry I’ll go quietly.”
“Ha sucker!” Super Dean yelled, “Take this, and this.” Super Dean showed no mercy for the kid. But, could you blame him? The kid was a threat to society. Once again Super Dean saved the day. The kid was locked up and sentenced to life in prison even though a toy gun was used as the attack weapon. It’s too bad the death penalty isn’t allowed in California, because that kid sure deserved it.

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Uploaded by:   Gotskillz

Date:   06/19/2004

Category:   Personal

Length:   2 pages (384 words)

Views:   4693

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The Ultimate Sugar Daddy Part 1

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