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The Wars that Turned to be Inevitable

Uploaded by richjay14uscrgj on Jun 25, 2007

The Wars that Turned to be Inevitable

The destruction and deaths in the history of this world caused by war at some point could have been preventable. Since the beginning of history there has never been such a thing as a war that had to be fought because at some point there always a solution and many times that is overlooked resulting in unnecessary human suffering. During revolutionary times in Europe, the French Revolution could have been avoided. Both world wars could have been solved before the outbreak of war begun. The policy of a nation should be to search for any possible solution because war is no one’s favorite game to play.
In 1914, when Archduke Frans Ferdinand was assassinated by the Serbian Nationalist, Gavrilo Princips, Serbia had a chance to shape by meeting the demands of Austria-Hungary’s ultimatum. If the Serbian government would have agreed to the terms that would have cooled Europe off enough to end the first threats of war. Russia also had a shot to stop the war by not discontinuing their military mobilization. The little steps that nations don’t take have caused millions of lives to be lost and many countries to be reduced to ruins. The nations of the world do not like to get involved in wars, but also hesitate to do what could save millions. World War One could have been avoided and in hindsight Europe along with the west know that just meeting the political demands of Austria-Hungary, Germany could have put the breaks on The Great War from ever occurring.
World War Two at many times was preventable. A lot of nations had the opportunity to prevent a war, ranging from Munich to Hitler’s march into the Sudetenland. The issue in the Sudetenland very simply could have prevented the war because Hitler instructed his troops to retreat if they met any form of resistance, but the British and French didn’t put a single soldier to meet the Germans. Using five thousand troops in 1938 could have saved sixty two million lives. Again the nations caught in the middle of a pressure situation chose not to take the easy route and took the option of war. Not a solution that had to be thee solution, but one that seemed to a lot of politicians the “questionable only option” The consequences was over sixty million people died...

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Uploaded by:   richjay14uscrgj

Date:   06/25/2007

Category:   History

Length:   3 pages (739 words)

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The Wars that Turned to be Inevitable

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