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The World's A Lousy Place

Uploaded by magicninja on Dec 22, 2004

The World's A Lousy Place

I used to have this friend, about hundred years ago, when I was in high school. His name was Stanford. He was a lovely guy and all, but no one really liked him. I guess that no one really understood him or something, but I tell you what, he was a really nice guy, he really was and I mean it. Everyone in the school used to think that he was psycho or something. It was just that he had a few problems and all. I mean that his parents were really crazy people and they'd have above two hemorrhages a piece if they knew that he had failed. Actually, what happened was that he had failed that year in Latin. His parents were so fussy about his studies that even if he got a bad grade and all they would start beating him up or something. Also, he had like ten fathers. I mean that his parents were divorced and all and he really went through a bad phase and all when his parents were getting divorced. Actually he was an unlucky kid, Stanford, he really was. I mean that he has all these family problems and that really affected his studies that year. The main reason that everyone hated him and all was that he is very lazy and unsporty type of a guy. No one liked to hang around with him and all. I liked him. I really did. Only I understood his problems and all. I always helped him out of tough situations.

Well, there were people like Charles who really liked to hoarse around with Stanford and make fun of him about him being womanish and all. I swear that made me puke. Charles was really a lousy person, he really was. He would say anything to anyone not even considering that it might be inappropriate. I mean once Charles said things like "You lousy woman" and "Ya fat fool", by the way I forgot to tell you that Stanford was really fat and that is what made him so unsporty. That goddam nearly made me puke. I mean it is so disgusting to do such a thing to someone, it really is.


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Uploaded by:   magicninja

Date:   12/22/2004

Category:   Personal

Length:   3 pages (635 words)

Views:   4675

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The World's A Lousy Place

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