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To Kill A Mockingbird Written as a Newspaper Article

Uploaded by mytra_ob_crazier on Mar 02, 2006

Bob Ewell stabbed himself to death, trying to kill the Finches children

My Tra Dang
The Maycomb Journal Staff writer
September 16th, 1935.

Yesterday evening, at about 10 o’clock, a homicide happened, resulting in the death of a grown man and a serious injury of a child. Bob Ewell tried to kill Jem and Scout Finch in the schoolhouse after the “Maycomb County Ad Astra Per Aspera” performance ended, this year’s Halloween pageant, directed by Mrs. Merriweather, held in the school’s auditorium. Scout was a ham and had to wear a ham costume. Scout and Jem were in the schoolyard when they heard someone following them. According to them, it was so dark that they could scarcely see anything but Scout’s costume fat streaks was painted with shiny stuff that everyone could see her in the darkness. “I heard someone shuffle and drag his feet.” Scout said. She told us that things happened too fast that she didn’t even clearly know what happened. But, still, she recounted that someone grabbed her, mashed her costume and she fell to the ground. She heard fighting, kicking sounds, they sounded like they were bamming against the trunk. Next thing she knew was that Jem was up, found her and started pulling her toward the road. Scout said: “Then someone, I reckon it was Bob, pulled him backwards. There was more fighting and I heard Jem scream.” According to her, she ran into someone, who was probably Bob, who tried to strangle her and squeeze her to death. She couldn’t move but then, suddenly, someone yanked him down. Next thing she knew was that someone was coughing, panting fit to die. “Then I saw someone I don’t know was carrying Jem toward our house.” Scout recalled.

Atticus said: “I have never conceived that someone could be cruel enough to do such terrible things.” Mr. Heck Tate, our town’s sheriff, went to the scene and found Bob lying there under tree with a knife under his ribs. He was dead. Jem Finch, who had bravely protected his little sister, was badly injured with a broken arm and a bump in the head. He is now still unconscious. Dr. Reynolds said: “We have to feel relieved that the situation didn’t get worse. Jem could have been killed, but he is alive.” The mysterious man who had carried him to the house had protected the children. His name is Arthur Radley....

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Uploaded by:   mytra_ob_crazier

Date:   03/02/2006

Category:   To Kill a Mockingbird

Length:   4 pages (797 words)

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To Kill A Mockingbird Written as a Newspaper Article

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