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Uglies The,Atco Essay

Uploaded by Sonohari on Apr 25, 2018

Have you ever dreamed of being perfect or seeing perfection, but then realizing it is never perfect. Uglies by Scott Westerfeld discusses this question. When Tally’s friend Shay disappears Tally is asked to find her; she sees how New Pretty town isn’t perfect and she sees all of the beauty around her. This changes her whole perspective of the things around her and truly makes her see that even if something seems perfect it never is. The author supports this by focusing on two main craft moves which are description and inner thinking to support my theme.

The author used description to explain the world around Tally. the world shows her that there is far more than the small town that she came from. The description showed all of the aspects of the forests she traveled through . This shows that Tally is growing as a character in the book because she realizes how much there is to the world around her. Even when Tally reaches the smoke she sees how self sufficient they are. Although they are not pretties they are all equal as uglies and even though they all have flaws they show Tally how life is better in the smoke. They also unintentionally were influencing Tally to not rat out the location of the smoke and begins to see how life is better in the smoke. This is how Scott Westerfeld uses description to show that even if something seems perfect it never is.

Another craft the uses to show that nothing is ever perfect is inner thinking. This shows all of Tally’s thoughts on how she wants life to be for her but, realizes what life could be like in the smoke compared to Ugly Town and New Pretty Town. Even though they are not pretty or perfect they live in harmony. Tally continues to see that the world around her is what life should be like in a normal society. The smoke also helps Tally realize what makes people want to leave Uglyville and move to the smoke. Although Tally is not completely swayed to the smoke , she does realize why life is better in the smoke.

Although many people will argue against something never being perfect, sighting that loyalty is a more common theme, the whole book is centered around waiting to be perfect. Although loyalty is...

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Uploaded by:   Sonohari

Date:   04/25/2018

Category:   English

Length:   2 pages (535 words)

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Uglies The,Atco Essay

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