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Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Uploaded by london28 on Dec 10, 2004

In the book, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Harriet Beecher Stowe reveals the lives and deaths of many characters. Death is to be considered in many ways throughout the book: the loss of a child, a story of redemption, man with a heartless soul, a shy servant, and a Christ figure who is quite symbolic. Death is so evident in the story and each death conveys a different story. An observation of how Harriet Beecher Stowe uses the curiosity and concern for salvation and death, through sadness and sentimental ideas can be used to help change.

Eva was born into a not so Christian family, well oFf, slave owning, and it is different to understand where Eva became so much into religion. When Eva’s mother, Marie, was young, she attended church every Sunday. Her father, St Clare, has some religious background, but her parents did not teach Eva’s interest and dedication to Christianity. Throughout the novel, she is referred to as a Christ-like figure because of her love and Christian advice she gives to everyone she knows. Miss Ophelia comments and recognizes all the love she has, “Well, so loving! After all though,

she’s no more than Christ like.” (Stowe, 281-281) Eva is a child that has a special care in her; she is so well loved that it is hard to think that she dies as such a young age. Before Eva’s death, Stowe says, “Has there ever been a child like Eva? Yes, there have been; but their names are always on gravestones, and their sweet smiles, their heavenly eyes, their singular words and ways are among the buried treasure of yearning hearts.” (Stowe, 260) Eva appears to be an angelic child and among all other gifted children like her come on this earth for a special reason and die at a very young age. It is not fair for this to happen, but nobody can stop it.

Eva struggled before her death. She became somewhat ill and you could see her illness was weakening her moment by moment. After Eva died, St. Clare wanted to do more good in the world. St. Clare took over Eva’s role to end the cruelty of slavery and to save her soul. St. Clare had promised Eva that he would do anything for her. Her...

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Uploaded by:   london28

Date:   12/10/2004

Category:   Literature

Length:   7 pages (1,611 words)

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Uncle Tom’s Cabin

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