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Understanding Chromosomes

Understanding Chromosomes

Imagine... you are in charge of building a 200-story skyscraper. The skyscraper has all of the newest technological features, and production has to start tomorrow. Would it happen? Of course not, you would need blue prints. This goes with your body, too. When you are born, your body has to know where everything has to go. You know, a muscle cell goes to your biceps; a (fried) brain cell goes up in to the attic. That is what chromosomes are. I am going to talk about chromosomes. They are your genetic blueprints, DNA and how you can extract DNA from anything that was living.

Chromosomes are your hereditary blueprints. These blueprints tell your body what color eyes you will have. These chromosomes tell your body where every thing goes in your body. This instruction set is know as DNA, which I will explain about in the next paragraph. There are pairs of 23 chromosomes in all of the cells in your body. Making a total of 46 chromosomes. Two of those chromosomes tell whether you are going to be a male of female. These are the X and Y-chromosomes. If some one has two X chromosomes then she will be a female. If there is an X and a Y chromosome then he will be a boy. Secondly I will tell you about the DNA contained in the chromosomes.

DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid. DNA is the blue print for the human we are going to build. This DNA is tightly wrapped around proteins. If this DNA were not tightly wrapped around proteins then the strand of DNA would be much too large to fit in a cell’s nucleus. The double helix shaped DNA would be about 2 inches long. That two inch long, skinny strand of DNA contains all of the information we need to build our very own human. Now how are we going to build our very own human? Well, that is (kind of) simple. We use RNA. RNA stands for ribonucleic acid. In simple terms, RNA builds the human really wanted. Now I bet you are thinking I wish I could get my very own DNA, but that will cost a lot of money… well you are wrong. Stay tuned and I will tell you how…

Now I am going to tell you how to extract DNA from anything living. There are 5 simple steps, and...

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Understanding Chromosomes

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