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Uprisings in Syria:how to find peace?2

Uploaded by Hicham1993 on Oct 21, 2013

Since three years, the war in Syria has started. It has claimed the lives of thousands of people and forced additional three millions to flee their lands to live in harsh conditions in camps in the neighboring countries. For many people, the war seems pointless and peace is far-reachable. Yet peace is not as harder as they think if these three ways are used efficiently: active negotiations, cutting military support and national reconciliation.

The first feat that the international community strongly insists on for peace restoration in Syria is active negotiations. Both sides of the conflict in Syria, the regime and the military opposition, have to get to the negotiation table to wholeheartedly make every effort to reach a satisfactory solution to their crisis. Negotiations are indeed an effective way to solve international conflicts if both sides give concessions to progress .For instance, after the Second World War, France and Germany succeeded to put an end to their inherited hostility and restored their relationships. Moreover, both of Al-Assad’s regime and the military opposition should appreciate and respect each other’s proposals because if negotiations lack respect and appreciation, they will surely reach an impasse. Most importantly, convening”Geneva2”conference will lessen to some extent the intensity of the conflict. All the sides involving in the war should agree unanimously on the conference resolutions and strive to put an end to the ongoing sectarian war in the country. Negotiations remain useless if violence in Syrian is still escalating in unbearable proportions.

The second step to be taken to achieve peace in Syria is to cut military support from both of the regime and the opposition for military support prolongs the uprising. Russia and China have signed transactions with Al-Assad’s regime to supply it lavishly with the latest weaponry. Also the opposition has received arms from their Gulf allies namely Saudi Arabia and Qatar with which poorly will fight the government troops. Furthermore, the International Security Council must intervene to stop the flooding of terrorists into Syria. These terrorists, already being trained and incited by fanatic organizations or individuals serving hidden agendas, have committed war crimes in Syria. For example, ”DAESH”( Arabic abbreviation for :the Islamic state of Iraq and Sham) an extremist Islamist militia in both Syria and Iraq has killed children and raped women and enslaved hundreds of civilians in territories under its control. If Al-Assad’s regime falls, these...

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Uploaded by:   Hicham1993

Date:   10/21/2013

Category:   Contemporary

Length:   3 pages (661 words)

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Uprisings in Syria:how to find peace?2

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