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Urban Sprawling

Uploaded by kimumica on Feb 11, 2020

Urban Sprawling
Suburban areas in Canada have been growing despite the governmental efforts to encourage densification at the core of the urban regions. Different factors have been identified to be the leading cause of growth. First, it is cheap to acquire property in the outskirts; secondly, houses purchased in the suburbs are somewhat more extensive, the areas are less populated, and the population growth is relatively low. Lastly, most consumers prefer the outskirts to the core. However, the growth of suburban areas is detrimental in several ways. The major effects of urban sprawl include health effects, environmental effects, infrastructure-related effects, and social impacts which are assessed in this paper.
First, the factors that promote urban sprawl, as highlighted above, include the price of property acquisition in the outskirts of town . Due to several underlying factors such as the cost of commuting, the cost of transportation of materials from the CBDs to the suburban areas, the price of acquiring homes in the suburban areas is reasonably cheap compared to purchasing homes at the town center. Thus, individuals are motivated to buy properties and homes from these areas since they can cheaply be acquired.
Secondly, the homes purchased by individuals in suburban areas are relatively large compared to homes purchased within the urban area. Since different factors are to be considered when buying homes such as space, the factors motivate individuals to acquire homes in these areas. Furthermore, often families are composed of several individuals who require large homes to accommodate them. People, therefore, purchase homes with the view of acquiring a bigger space.
Furthermore, the outskirts are less populated compared to the urban areas, which motivate individuals to acquire homes in these areas, which leads to urban sprawl. Less populated areas have several advantages, such as the availability of extra space to carry out other activities. Also, the security of such regions is relatively good compared to other areas, and the acquisition of social services is even better due to the low population in such areas. Therefore, such factors motivate individuals to move to suburban regions, consequently leading to urban sprawl.
Lastly, most individuals generally prefer subareas to urban areas. The preference can be explained due to the factors above-mentioned or otherwise. For instance, the personal preferences of individuals can be viewed as stimulating the movement of individuals from urban to suburban areas, which lead to urban sprawl.
Despite the increase of...

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Uploaded by:   kimumica

Date:   02/11/2020

Category:   Geography

Length:   5 pages (1,207 words)

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Urban Sprawling

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