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Using Misogimist words towards women

Uploaded by carmcca28 on Mar 30, 2006

Who the Bitch Really Is
In America today, even some of the most intelligent and progressive people never really think about the implications of the words they use. In fact, many people seem to dwell in the dogma of anti-censorship rhetoric. They may feel that they have a right to say whatever words they want to, no matter who is affected. Many of these words are considered very oppressive however; it is a social norm in today’s society. Most commonly, you will find these oppressive words spoken frequently amongst males, whom feel that they are the superior of women. The frequent usage of these misogynist words is used to categorize, or label women as having a specific place in society, based on their sexual conduct or sexuality. These words include, but are not limited to, bitch, whore, slut, and chicken head. No matter the implication, or the truth behind it, the question remains, “should a man use misogynist words, when speaking to, or about a woman?” The answer is, “no”, a man should never use misogynist words, to degrade a woman.
A man's self esteem tends to rise whenever he calls a woman a name, or belittles a woman. However, what happens is, the womans self esteem lowers, so there is never a feeling of equal happiness. Women can also be at fault for mis using words towards men. We have all been at fault somewhere in our lives, as we have at least once called another person an awful name. Does it hold truth, these words that we say.. Most likely not! We can call a girl a “Ho”, if she is merely prettier than we are. People should takes words more litley, because they often mean nothing.

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Uploaded by:   carmcca28

Date:   03/30/2006

Category:   English

Length:   1 pages (287 words)

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Using Misogimist words towards women

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