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V for Vendetta Thematic Essay

Uploaded by Sonohari on Apr 25, 2018

V for Vendetta written by Alan Moore is a dystopian novel about a fascist government in 1997 which has taken over after the third World War. The main character, V, is an anarchist who wishes to take down the government. V calls himself an anarchist due to his belief that government infringes upon human rights and is extremely corrupt. This segways into the theme of V for Vendetta which is the power of ideas and how they fuelled V’s revenge against the Norsefire’s fascist and totalitarian government.

The main character of V in the book is in conflict with the totalitarian government which destroyed the lives of thousands of people including his own through concentration camps and other vile methods of torture and destruction of people’s lives. In the book representation of the totalitarian state, the finger men and the police, V fighting against them shows his defiance against government and his will for anarchy connected with freedom, and his terrorist actions are aimed solely at the Norsefire party and their fascist government . He wants to get revenge on the bad for all of the ways that they ruined his and many other people’s lives. Moore uses the conflict to portray the power of ideas as V uses his conflict to create a better place, by trying to oppress the way of the totalitarian state. The conflict shows the theme of the power of ideas as V’s revenge is fuelled by his power to want change, and create a better future because he disagrees with the governments destructive and brainwashing rulings amongst all of his . V’s dialogue “Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof.” Moore used this section of dialogue to help the audience understand that the reason V has continued to use his terrorist like plots in protest against the government, is because he believes that with the execution of his final act will achieve the change which people been craving,the change which will mean the government no longer has the power to control your every move and only come into power when they can solve the disease which they used to kill off tens of thousands of people to get their way in England and making their ideas truly all powerful. V’s conflict against society helps the audience explore the theme of the...

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Uploaded by:   Sonohari

Date:   04/25/2018

Category:   English

Length:   4 pages (933 words)

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V for Vendetta Thematic Essay

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