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When Have I been a man for others?

Uploaded by Sonohari on Apr 25, 2018

I would like to voice an opinion first. I believe that a man for others not only entails a few small moments but it has to be stretched out through a life doing this. I am going to be quite honest, I don’t feel that I have done that, or at least not yet. Though one thing I have learned through my small amount of experience at prep that you teach young men such as myself how to become men for others and better men then they arrived as which really makes me hopeful to learn from the guidance of great teachers and administrators that are willing to listen to my problems and are willing to take ideas to better the school and accept young men like me who are eager to become better academically, better spiritually, and better just as people in general. That was my opinion, now onto how I have been or have tried to be a man for others.

Being a man for others, I questioned myself about this and asking others,”What do you think makes someone a man for others?”, until I stumbled upon the realization that a man for others is whatever makes other people's lives better. So before writing this essay I thought “When have other people I’ve known been men or women for others?”. And I thought about when I went to my first music festival. The reason I thought of this moment was because it was late and most of the people were either high drunk or just fools and doing things I would rather not mention, and luckily I was there with my father who was not only defending my but also defending other people that were being harassed (most were women) and was willing to help people not spill drinks or stop random people from attacking others and in my head I thought “Wow I wish that I was able to do things as chivalrous and as caring, kind and respectful as that.” Then I came to the realization that you didn’t have to be a superhero to help others, you could just be anybody even a scrawny five foot six inch asian white person blend who had the initiative to help others instead of only caring about himself.

My man for others moment I believe was when I was willing to make...

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Uploaded by:   Sonohari

Date:   04/25/2018

Category:   Admissions

Length:   3 pages (657 words)

Views:   562

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When Have I been a man for others?

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