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Why study language or linguistics

Uploaded by naveed99 on Dec 04, 2014

"And among His Signs is the
creation of the heavens and the earth,
and the variations in your languages
and your colours : verily in that are Signs
for those who know." (Quran, Ar-Room, V 22)

Studying language, I believe, is certainly one amongst the most fascinating and exciting disciplines one could ever study. Linguistics, the science of language, is a means of probing into the most intriguing aspects of human knowledge. Communicating via language is perhaps the most single characteristic that distinguishes human beings from other animal species, hence, I think, it is imperative to know about it for every rational being. Its importance could better be viewed from the fact that it is 'language' which is the primary medium for studying any discipline of knowledge (i.e) Science, Humanities, Social Sciences etc. Moreover the power language exerts over us could also be felt from the fact that whatever we think, we think in a language. Thus language is the basis of all knowledge and language and thought are complementary and it would not be inappropriate to quote Samuel Johnson here who says, "Language is the dress of thought".

Linguistics as a subject provides us with a grand opportunity to study about the basis of all human knowledge (i.e) language. Though very obscure is the origin of language, yet Linguistics comes up with a multiplicity of enthralling theories which, to a great extent, try to illuminate the dark mystery of its origin. Studying its origin is not its sole subject matter but it studies language in general (i.e) its origin, development and changes over time (Dichronically and Synchronically), its variations, relationship with other disciplines, its constituent parts viz Phones, Morphs, Syntax, Semantics etc.

Being a Literature student, I think, it is imperative to study the language of the literature in which it is written. Linguistics not only broadens ones vision but also makes one creative and insightful by providing him with the opportunity to view the subject matter from multiple perspectives.

"The limits of my language", says Ludwig Wittgenstein, "are the limits of my world."

I hereby remember the old adage "Knowledge is power", certainly true it is but let's try to replace the word 'knowledge' with' language' and see whether we could justify the claim. Think of any important goal you have in your life and think what role could language play in making you a standout. After all without language heartfelt beliefs, hard work, innovative ideas...

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Uploaded by:   naveed99

Date:   12/04/2014

Category:   Humanities

Length:   3 pages (593 words)

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Why study language or linguistics

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