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Women’s History Essay

Uploaded by CaseyP on Dec 27, 2017

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Women’s History Essay
The end of civil war in the United States helped in evaluation of the impact of different groups, especially women. As in any other communities, the role of women, especially after the civil war, was evident. Various female characters showed up expressing their opinions towards the rift and the fight to liberate the slaves and protect women and children in the country. Besides, the women stood at the front line through forming groups and protesting for their rights. However, they faced tough consequences before justice was done. The paper will discuss the experience of women in the post-civil war in America. It will also discuss the acts, organizations, Congress, conflicts and consequences they encountered.
After the civil war, women displayed their gratitude to the noble work done. Despite thousands of men who died in the battle, they were fighting for the common good and welfare of the under-privileged slaves . As a result, the women took the front line to thank the gentlemen for their devotion to protecting their women and children . On this point, Rebecca Latimer Felton displayed her courage in her strong speeches to thank the warriors and the government for their goodwill. Felton emphasized the importance of the courageous men in protecting their children and women . She stressed that their mothers should be protected from any source of harm. The warriors should be vigilant in protecting their children and families. They should be protected from dramshop. She pointed out that lack of protection of mothers affected them. Besides, they deserve to be guarded, protected and defended. Their happiness was reduced by barrooms . The rooms were selling liquor that without doubt, affected the lives of their children, making their mothers to lose hope on them. Moreover, women took the role of entertaining Americans despite the war tension that was in every part of the country. Women who took such role were Clyde and Bonnie. Although their acknowledgment appeared late after their deaths, the women appeared bond and courageous using guns to fight with other men. Each of them had unique features, Clyde was portrayed as hot-tempered while Bonnie was a high-spirited person . The women were involved in violent crime. However, despite the crimes, they were viewed with the notion of entertainment. The duos had formed a grouped that could seduce other people to criminal activities.
Further, women played a major role in...

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   12/27/2017

Category:   English

Length:   4 pages (997 words)

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Women’s History Essay

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