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Ziplining in Costa Rica

Uploaded by thetruth233415 on Dec 01, 2005

A whole new country and a whole new rush.

With much anticipation,
We are finally reach our destination.
Despite pitiful confrontations,
Our group still remains…
And today we aim to undue time and space.

366 feet above the ground and we all fear to look down,
However, curiosity induces such rhythms.
Giving way to these hymns,
As the light dims and fades
We remain on top of the world.

I can feel a certain nervousness,
Although I have done such things before.
Its almost like folklore,
Stories of emotion.

The light is dimming but it is still crystal clear.
As it nears my turn,
I ponder such things as death or even worse..

After Lisa fades it is my turn.
First it starts of slow
Then the world turns as it speeds up.
All restraints are released,
And I almost feel at ease
If it were not for the sun flickering in my view.

That leads to me to pry my eyes open..
I see the world as it hope it would be
Everything is at peace in this part of the country
Although that is not reality.

The end draws nearer and we all draw closer.
Maybe it’s the horizon
Or the tremendous mountains..
I don’t know?

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Uploaded by:   thetruth233415

Date:   12/01/2005

Category:   Poems

Length:   1 pages (188 words)

Views:   4370

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Ziplining in Costa Rica

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