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kant and aquinas

Uploaded by nyach14 on Dec 01, 2014

Thomas Aquinas was an Italian priest who were the pioneers of theological teachings and famous for his Eucharistic hymns in church. Aquinas is a distinguished saint honored by the Catholic Church for his contributions in natural reasoning and several teachings of theology. The papal that undergo training go through his teachings and the pope of the Catholic Church has ordained him as the doctor of the church and the greatest philosopher and theologician of all times. Aquinas was considered a philosopher by his mates but he strongly objected and criticized other philosophers who pagans that the missed the massive wisdom available in the Christian revelations. Immanuel Kant was a German philosopher who formulated the theory of ethical deontology (Fagothey)
Kant was a strong proponent of enlightenment rationalism which basically meant that for something to be good , it must be from a good will so and that the action just follows the will and the moral law. He also perpetrated the principle of universibility and strongly believed that for an action to be permissible by the society, must equally apply to all the people in the same manner and not biased. He also believed in the theories of perfect and imperfect duty and advocated that the perfect duty should an obvious thing in the eyes of the humanity such as committing murder is a criminal to both the mind and the soul and can be referred as a perfect duty. Imperfect duty such charitable works can be substantiated and simply bases on different to people to church the act as good or bad therefore, it is an imperfect duty to the human race. (McInerny)
Several philosophers have criticized the theories of Kant terming it inconclusive and prescriptive. They argue that Kant was biased in his theories and was influenced by other past philosophers and even his parents. The catholic church has seriously criticized his laws terming as a disregard of the Christian values ,ethic and beliefs and that he changed the ethics into virtues of the day today living.
Aquinas as he was a priest was a strong proponent of the Christian ethics a compared to Kent who was more of rationalism and imperialism. He believed that the human mindset is driven by the natural law that dictates that the acts of virtue is the caused through inquiry of reason and that any act is conducive for well living so long as...

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Uploaded by:   nyach14

Date:   12/01/2014

Category:   Sociology

Length:   3 pages (680 words)

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kant and aquinas

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