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lost at seaaa

Uploaded by marklalla on Nov 24, 2013

The ivory white sand felt as soft as baby powder between my toes. The ocean’s shades emanated to shimmer from turquoise green to aqua to a midnight blue, and the palm trees gracefully silhouetted against the morning sky. I was strolling back to my beach house to get ready to go boating. I rummaged through my closet, selecting my blue and white swim trunks and a light blue T-shirt, and hurried to change and set out for my big adventure.

The crystal waters revealed a school of blue and yellow fish darting beneath my boat. The clear waters showed branches of seaweed swayed gently with the current. Multicolored coral served as camouflage for a multitude of sea life. Floating on the top of the ocean was one thing, but being able to witness the teeming world beneath the surface was another. I was almost directly over the reef when a large fish emerged from between the weeds. It was mesmerizing to see of how easily it was able to glide and maneuver its body through the tight spaces of the coral and rocks. I had been rowing for about a half hour, and had trouble just trying to keep the boat straight against the gentle current.

The boat was about eight feet long; it was peacock blue with the bottom a milky white. Designs shaped like fiery waves that were the color of persimmon orange and outlines in ruby red were on each side of the boat. The boat was only equipped with a small plastic bailer, for good reasons. With only about 16 inches of free board, the boat was continually taking in water. I was still rowing effortlessly through the slightly buffeting waves. My objective was to get to the other side of the inland area.

Putting on my headphones, I pushed the “play” button on my Discman, turned the volume to “max” and listened to Sublime pound through. I felt the sun beating down on my head and warming my body. It was going to be a scorcher. Marveling at the clear blue sky, the shimmering palms of the trees that adorned the peaceful island, my senses were filled with fragrances of the many exotic flowers and the sight of the sun-lovers adorning the ivory-white beach, giving it a flamboyant splash of color.

Once again, I focused on the tip of the island to see how I...

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Uploaded by:   marklalla

Date:   11/24/2013

Category:   College

Length:   7 pages (1,494 words)

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