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science and ethics

Uploaded by mad* on Oct 08, 2006

ethics deal with the question of duty and interest and it suggests that humans balance each other’s interests. It stresses that one ought to do what really is to his or her own best advantage though not avoid actions that help others. science on the other hand is concerned with objectivity of its methods and effectiveness of its inventions. While establishing control over regularities of phenomena, science barely makes any difference between properties of objects and properties of human organisms.

H. G. Wells was torn between two visions - one of salvation through science and the other of destructive nature of science. His science fictions continually move between fantasy and reality. His spirit of realism embedded in science fictions introduces a technique of storytelling that is comparable with mythological techniques.

This five-page college paper discusses Forensic science. Forensic science is science applied to law to correctly identify perpetrators and exonerate the innocent. It is accurate and meant to lead to resolution. DNA cloning is an important aspect of science as forensic science involves many different areas of finding evidence in the cause of justice. If misapplied, forensic science can become a curse. Genetic information plays a crucial role and perhaps the most promising role in forensic science. 5 pgs. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

If a person asked, “What was your first ethical decision,” most people’s first answer might be a memory of wanting a cookie after being told no, or taking a candy bar after being denied. ethics is a topic found in the humanities that can be integrative in almost any topic such as science. Science searches for facts, concepts and useful ideas on various areas of study, while ethics asks whether the facts, concepts and ideas will be useful to those involved. Ethics and science are areas of study that need to be integrated for the best discoveries and research projects.

The topic of this paper is ethics. What is ethics? Is ethics different from morals? How? These questions are addressed in this paper. "Ethics come from the Latin term "ethos" which meant customs, habitual conduct, usages and character" (Ethics 2002). Morals can be defined as rules that will guide a person's behavior. Some people use ethics and morals interchangeably, but they are not the same. . Ethics should be an important part of every step in life including the use of the information world of the Internet. If there...

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Uploaded by:   mad*

Date:   10/08/2006

Category:   Science

Length:   8 pages (1,783 words)

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science and ethics

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