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Uploaded by CaseyP on Apr 12, 2019

The Insights of Buddhists Religion
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Inside the Buddharangsi Temple in Florida.
Ever since its advent, the Buddhist religion has no restrictions on race, gender, sexuality, and nationality. According to LEFFERTS (2017), there is no existence of God as the Supreme being in Buddhism. Instead, it is a faith of the awareness which promotes own understanding, inner transparency, and pleasant demeanor. Precisely, Buddhists follow the teachings of Buddha all over the world for guidance. The doctrine focuses on ending suffering and perpetrates on living a life of happiness, compassion, wisdom, and joy. In Florida, they practice Theravada Buddhism which depicts spiritual attainment for the liberation of suffering.
Before my visit at Wat Buddharangsi Temple, I reached out to the Bhikku, an ordained Buddhist religious leader informing him of my appointment and interest in researching their religion. Additionally, I inquired on the moral conduct and ethics expected from visitors to the temple to prepare accordingly. Later, I received an email from the monk indicating that I was only required to dress modestly, not to wear a hut or cover the head, and not to carry any form of weapons. Likewise, the monk stated the time and date for a visit and noted that I would learn the religious procedures on arrival.
On the recommended date; Friday, I attended the sermon having complied to the expected morals and ethics. Before entering the temple, I noticed that every nun and monk was bowing three times at the statue of the Buddha. BURNS (2018) reviews that bowing to the Buddha’s sculpture is a sign of respect to his teachings. However, I was not to bend since it was not compulsory for non-Buddhists. When entering the temple, one would leave their shoes outside and uncover their heads by removing hats and scarfs. Given the sitting arrangement, members of different sex were to stay separate as it’s according to the ethics of the religion.
The Buddhists wore different colors of the robe which represented various aspects of faith (LEFFERT, 2017). The colors varied from maroon, brown and orange. Along the temple walls, there was a decoration of various arts such as the lotus flower which signifies purity and enlightened. The second was the endless knot presenting eternal harmony, and third the golden fish meaning spousal contentment and liberty. Accordingly there the banner of victory portraying successful fights, and correspondingly the wheel of dharma representing...

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   04/12/2019

Category:   Religion

Length:   4 pages (977 words)

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