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working student

Uploaded by bumblebee18 on Mar 01, 2012

Many students today find themselves in a very hard situation, since they have to work at the same time as they are going to school in order to afford to live. I am a student in Calgary, and also have to work to afford to live. Although I have a happy and interesting life, it can be difficult at times to have such a busy life being a student and working full time.

I am always tired at the end of the day, since my day starts very early. I usually wake up at 530am, and am in a rush while I try to prepare for the day. Firstly, I will take a quick shower and dry my hair before doing homework. After eating breakfast, I will take the bus to work. At this time, it is dark and cool outside. As I board the bus, I usually return emails on my phone, and check my voicemail messages.

While at work, I am also very busy as I have many duties and have to complete them in a short time. These include checking orders, making corrections, assisting other employees and filling out invoices when necessary. My work can be very physical and it makes me sleepy sometimes. And after this, I go home and make dinner, sometimes do laundry or go directly to class.

On days when I have a class, it is a very very long day, as I’ve been up since 530am, worked and now won’t be home until about 930pm! However, I enjoy my school and meeting other students, but don't enjoy when there is too much writing and homework, since I have very little extra time.

However, I've learned the best way to relax after a very busy day is to listen to relaxing music when I get home, and talk to my husband. This makes me very happy. Although my days are very busy and can make me exhausted, I've found that doing things I like helps me to deal with long days and the stress. I simply relax!

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Uploaded by:   bumblebee18

Date:   03/01/2012

Category:   Admissions

Length:   2 pages (343 words)

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