Expanding into Small Towns: A Different Strategy for Wal-Mart

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This 4 page paper discusses the case of Petoskey, a small town in Michigan, which is considering allowing Wal-Mart to build and operate a store there. Petoskey has more vacationers than permanent residents, making it an unlikely market. The paper is written from the point of view of a Wal-Mart district manager, who recommends that Wal-Mart move into the market using its established methods. Since the company has little or no competition in the area, it will profit initially, but the manager reminds Wal-Mart that if it drives other jobs out, it will end up hurting the local economy and thus hurt itself as well. He suggests that Wal-Mart should come to this community with the idea of being a good corporate neighbor, not a bully. There are 3 sources listed in the bibliography.