The Lebanese/Israeli Crises: How The Media Handles This Social, Economic, Political And Cultural Issue

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3 pages in length. There was a time when news was dispensed by impartial and evenhanded entities, most prominently via network news stations, by which events of the day were broadcast to viewers around the country. As cable television expanded and channels specifically tailored for the 24/7 presence of newscasts flourished, the ability - or desire - to remain unbiased quickly waned to the point where broadcast media coverage became rife with sensationalism, propaganda and personal agendas. One can readily argue that the American public is regularly fed a steady diet of embellished, erroneous and purposely manipulated reports full of images intended to provoke a skewed perspective of a given event based upon specific media agenda. Nowhere is the more evident than with the social, economic, political and cultural coverage of the Lebanese/Israeli conflict. While there is a semblance of truth to what network and cable news channels report with regard to the events taking place between Lebanon and Israel, this coverage is routinely slanted so as to serve an entirely different purpose than to merely report the facts. Bibliography lists 4 sources.