FedEx Case Study

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This 16 page paper examines the case of FedEx supplied by the student and answers the following 3 questions. 1. The following statement is critically evaluated “[FedEx] has built superior physical, virtual and people networks not just to prepare for change, but to shape change on a global scale; to change the way we all connect with each other in the new Network Economy" ( Annual Report, FedEx Corporation, 1999. This is discussed in line with supply chain and value chain theory and the use of the value chain to create competitive advantage. 2. Critically analyse and evaluate FedEX record of systems innovation and customer solutions in the context of how organisations respond to disruptive innovations, up to January 2000. 3. Reflect on the future direction of FedEx post 2000 by discussing the strategic thinking behind the announcement of three major strategic initiatives on 19 January 2000. The bibliography cites 9 sources.