Human Resource Strategic Planning

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6 pages in length. Creating a human resource plan that addresses the comprehensive issues inherent to this critical department is a task often left to haphazard development; as long as employees are effectively hired, fired and given due benefits, HR is considered to be holding up its end of the organizational infrastructure. However, the focal point of HR strategic planning has undergone a metamorphosis that now incorporates a critical role in the fundamental operations of a given company. Indeed, the extent to which HR has become significantly more than a hiring/firing unit is both grand and far-reaching; that the very foundation of any organization rests upon the internal elements inextricably intertwined with HR speaks to the vastly expansive responsibility HR assumes where organizational success or failure are concerned. With this understanding, how is a strategic plan assembled in order to assure effective HR interaction? Indeed, the vast majority of traditional methods have since been replaced with newer, more pertinent approaches where HR has become an integrated component of and for the company as a whole. Bibliography lists 6 sources.