Hollywood Depiction: Cultural Consequences Of Negative Imagery

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5 pages in length. Hollywood has a well-earned reputation for embellishing upon reality to the point where the finished product only resembles the original idea around the edges. Indeed, Hollywood's penchant for taking poetic license is a tactic that has left audiences wondering just how much of a given film accurately depicts certain cultural images and how much is an extension of the writer's imagination. The extent to which film genre distorts the image of certain populations is both grand and far-reaching; that American teen movies such as Gummo and Clueless depict American teenagers in an extremely negative light speaks to the perpetuation of these stereotypes when the films are released worldwide. With no reason to doubt what they see upon the screen, foreigners who watch these types of movies ultimately form erroneous conclusions of American youth as being shallow, spoiled, disrespectful, unappreciative and basically without any true moral or ethical fiber. Bibliography lists 4 sources.