Should Gay And Lesbian Couples Be Allowed To Adopt?

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6 pages in length. Raising emotionally healthy children requires parents who are compassionate, guiding, interactive, available, responsive and loving. While both men and women possess these characteristics and more necessary for the proper upbringing of children, society is used to the genders being paired as one man and one woman when it comes to assuming the role of parents. Being that these are not gender-specific traits - single men and women alike raise emotionally healthy children with great regularity - it stands to reason how gay and lesbian couples are just as capable of bringing up a child. The extent to which homosexual couples are considered inappropriate role models for adoption is both grand and far-reaching; that gays and lesbians reflect no better or worse a parenting option than their heterosexual counterparts speaks to the need for making this assessment on a case-by-case basis rather than broad-brushing the entire homosexual community. Bibliography lists 7 sources.