Reducing Prejudice

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3 pages in length. Distinguishing between individual-level and intergroup approaches to reducing prejudice finds how the former encourages people to re-evaluate the values, attitudes and character that has served to cultivate a prejudice mind-set. The extent to which the individual-level approach helps to place the focus directly upon the person who harbors prejudice is both grand and far-reaching; that this method helps to draw attention to how these erroneous beliefs can "arouse negative emotional states" (Dovidio et al, 1999, pp. 101-105) speaks to the value of creating better and more positive attitudes. By comparison, the intergroup approach provides the ability for people to achieve three objectives: 1) cultivate individualized perceptions of group members about whom they are prejudice; 2) encourage tailored communication between each group; and 3) "redefine group boundaries to create more inclusive, superordinate representations of the groups" (Dovidio et al, 1999, pp. 101-105). Bibliography lists 4 sources.