Should Same-Sex Marriages Be Allowed In The United States

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3 pages in length. Marriage is the bringing together of two people who love each other, no matter their gender. Despite what zealots argue, the union of two people is decided upon and carried out by no one other than those individuals; to pass judgment on what love is or how it may be expressed is to see a side of humanity that one would not expected to witness in the twenty-first century. Witch hunts and slavery were cast out of what was allegedly a civilized society only to give way to other issues through the years that mirror the same intense prejudice and undesirable behavior from what is supposed to be an enlightened species. A person's sexual orientation has absolutely no bearing upon the worthiness of marriage - if it did, divorce statistics would support fewer heterosexual unions. The focus needs to be placed upon the loving, devoted nature of the couple to the complete exclusion of any gender consideration. Bibliography lists 4 sources.