Nazim Hikmet/Human Landscapes from My Country

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A 7 page book review that argues that the picture of Turkish society that Nazim Hikmet paints in his epic novel in verse Human Landscapes from My Country is panoramic in scope and psychologically complex, as it seems to encompass, at times, contradictory attitudes toward the old world that was being rapidly left behind in the midst of rapid sociological change prior to and during World War II. Hikmet's imagery often conveys ambiguity toward the legacy and heritage of Islam and the Ottoman Empire, as, on one hand, there is a sense of longing for past glories and grandeur, while, on the other hand, there is rejection of totalitarianism and brutality. Examination of Hikmet's perspective indicates the tensions that accompany huge social change, and suggesting the factors of the past that should be rejected as well as those that should be preserved. No additional sources cited.