Small Business And Ada Employer Regulations

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A 26 page paper. The writer begins by reporting the value of small businesses in terms of dollars and employment, how the SBA defines a small business with examples, and how size standards are revised. The essay then reports the highlights of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, its intention, how the ADA defines 'disability' and some of the different categories of 'disability.' The essay next discusses the issues of 'reasonable accommodation' and 'undue hardship' with examples to demonstrate some of the decisions regarding these constraints. While the paper focuses on employees, the writer does provide brief insight into what the ADA means to small businesses in terms of access. The essay then discusses the many benefits of hiring employees with disabilities, including tax credits, new tax credits and public relations, the actual average costs of accommodations and provides examples. The writer also comments on the disadvantages. Statistical data are included. More issues are discussed than are identified in this abstract. Bibliography lists 19 sources.