Domestic Violence And Immigrant Hispanic Women

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6 pages in length. Domestic violence plays no favorites and overlooks no individual. Socioeconomic status, ethnicity, age or religion - no one is immune from the physical and emotional effects of domestic violence, inasmuch everyone - no matter where they reside upon the ladder of life - is vulnerable to being victimized. There is one defining factor, however, that shifts the likelihood of one type of person being more prone than another: cultural undertones. Historically, global societies where men hold a much stronger presence within the social fabric such as in the Hispanic communities have a higher incidence of domestic abuse compared to places like the United States where gender equity is more prevalent. This anthropological consideration - while affording a greater understanding - makes the reality of domestic violence all the more difficult for immigrant Hispanic women who must battle centuries of ingrained cultural components in their attempts to escape such gratuitously violent treatment. Bibliography lists 5 sources.