Government Regulations And American Cinema

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6 pages in length. Hollywood may be an omnipotent entity that wields tremendous influence throughout a number of industries all across the globe, however, it is also expected to understand its power and temper the way in which it is used. To give American cinema free reign of content and scope would be like letting the proverbial kid take charge of the candy store: any limits subsequently established would fall by the wayside without benefit of some type of governance. Hollywood's intrinsic ability to sway audiences with its ever-engaging essence is akin to a hypnotic trance whereby the power of suggestion is so strong that viewers are wholly unaware of how their perspectives are being manipulated by propagandist "entertainment" and personal agendas. Moreover, Hollywood's moral carelessness has cast stones more than a few times over the last century, causing ear pricking from both inside and outside the industry and ultimate cries for regulations, a rude awakening Hollywood received in July 1934 that would permanently etch a chapter of American cinema still remembered today. But would a self-censoring film industry do as good a job as government-imposed regulations? Bibliography lists 6 sources.