High-Tech Crime: How The Criminal Justice System Has Had To Change Its Approach

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5 pages in length. Technological advancement has changed virtually everything about how man operates in his world. From medical discoveries to genetic food alteration and work efficiency to personal convenience, technology has afforded people the opportunity to achieve goals and objectives with much greater ease. However, a positive side such as this also has its opposing flawed side whose impact is just as immensely negative, not the least of which is that of high-tech crime. One of the most prevalent state-of-the-art ways in which common criminals have taken their trade up a few notches is through white collar - or computer - crimes. These sophisticated perpetrators have created a learning curve for the criminal justice system who basically had to educate itself on the job in order to keep up with the mounting incidence of computer crimes; as such, forensics strategies have been restructured in order to infiltrate this new-fangled criminal. Bibliography lists 6 sources.