Restrictions Should Be Placed On The Use Of Cellular Phones In Restaurants And Theaters

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3 pages in length. The quest for escape from the daily grind has long been found within the enjoyable venues of restaurants and movie theaters; after a relaxing evening of dinner and a movie, both mind and body have had a chance to regroup and prepare for another day full of responsibility. In this ever-connected global society, cellular phones are one of the most irritating distractions that sends people running for the refuge of restaurants and movie houses faster than anything else; however, these beeping, blinking annoyances - and the incessant chatter that ensues - have come to infiltrate these last few safe havens to the point where restrictions must be put in place not only to protect the integrity of restaurants and movie theaters but more importantly to afford patrons the distraction-free meal or film they came there to experience in the first place. No bibliography.