"The Scabby One Lights Up The Sky" - Analysis And Interpretation

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3 pages in length. Self-sacrifice for the greater good is a rare human quality that often derives from those who are not so consumed with other peoples' value of themselves. The Toltec legend succinctly expresses this reality in The Scabby One Lights Up The Sky by illustrating how social, political or economic status does not equate with bravery and altruism. Tecciztecatl's motivation for lighting up the fifth sun was no more complicated than his desire to bask in the gods' adulation for such an act of valor; not realizing what the task entailed, he was ill-equipped to carry out his commitment when he learned it meant sacrificing his own life. Nanautzin, on the other hand, stepped up without reservation when Tecciztecatl failed to gather enough courage; clearly, his motivation was of the utmost example of benevolence, in that he sacrificed his own life so that everyone else should live. It did not matter no one even knew he existed, because he was not looking for glory through this ultimate act of selflessness; rather, his gesture provides a greater understanding of how the person who is seemingly least likely to possess character has more than anyone else. No additional sources cited.