Human Behavior: Conditioned Responses

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9 pages in length. The prevalence of conditioned response within the fundamental basis of human behavior illustrates how the concept of reward/punishment is integral to the way in which people act. To understand the connection between stimulus and learned behavior is to realize the strong motivational factor that draws an association between the two; that behaviorists like Pavlov and Skinner have clearly demonstrated the extent to which behavior in all species is prompted by reward/punishment outcome speaks to the straightforwardness of rescripting undesirable behaviors into desirable ones. The inherent value of such knowledge lends itself to addressing issues in criminality, education and a whole host of other areas where conduct plays an important role in a civilized society. Moreover, understanding the cues of behavior and how they are manipulated provides psychologists with the opportunity to restructure destructive thought processes. In short, Pavlov and Skinner set the precedent for proving how the components of human behavior are both simple and finite. Bibliography lists 7 sources.