Poe’s Tell-Tale Heart

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A 3 page essay that offers an interpretation of Poe’s class short story. What sort of “love” allows a person to take a life? What goes on inside the head of a mad man? These are questions that Edgar Allan Poe explored to perfection in his 1843 short story “The Tell-Tale Heart.” In this tale of horror, Poe gives a first-person account of a murder, a senseless murder, of an old man that the assailant professes to love. Due to this statement, Scott Peeples frames his interpretation of this narrative as a love story, but asks, “Does he kill him even though he loves him, or because he loves him?” (Peeples 287). Poe is ambiguous on this point, but Peeples asserts that one thing is certain—“…he loves him but wishes for his death” (Peeples 288). Bibliography lists 2 sources.